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Mary Alvizures

Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, CA - a change maker, optimist and lover of life!

Always driven to make the world a better place I co-created ‘Loving Future Me' alongside with Pinky.

A place where “learning about my money” is made simple. A place where we are guided + inspired to take care of ourselves financially - now and in the future 🙌🏼

I’m so excited to connect with you! ✨

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Ready to become empowered financially? Finally “be in the know” of what’s going on? You’re in the right place.

Talking about money never came easy for me.

I just knew you had to learn how to make it, make sure you saved some and “it didn’t grow on trees”.

Years after giving away money for no reason (debt, parking tickets, bank fees, etc), I finally decided to take control of my finances.

After doing some “work” (uncovering the money blocks, working on my self-worth, re-writing my money story, etc) and finally reaching abundance village I was still left in a “what’s next?!”

My prayers were answered, I got the facts down, and finally learned how to set myself up to win - not only now, but in the future too!

Now we’re here to do the same for you

We’ve created a special video series for you jam packed with amazing info (thanks Pinky!) #financialliteracy #money101

are you feeling like your prayers have been answered too?! hallelujah!

I’m so excited for you to watch…enjoy!

- xo, Mary

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