meet pinky


Sofia “Pinky” Magana

My name is Sofia aka Pinky. I am a wife, a mommy of an amazing 1yr old and a financial literacy educator with a passion to empower women and their families.

I specialize in educating and bringing awareness to how money works and help women create a road map for their tax free retirement, college funds, emergency funds and so much more to help you reach the financial freedom you are looking for.

My family was left behind and I am here to make sure that no other family gets left behind.

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Wealth? Finance? Pay yourself first?

Make your money work for you? I always wondered, what does all that mean? 

How does money work? How can it grow?

How do i get out of living paycheck to paycheck?

I hunted for this information just wanting to learn the basics and if there was a Wealth 101 in high school or college I completely missed it!

My family also missed that non existent class! This is why we created one! 

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